sandeep_singh_profile I am Sandeep Singh from Saido Ke Village in Tehsil Nihal Singh Wala of District Moga. In my family, I have my father, my mother, my grandfather, my grandmother and my sister. Me and my father are both farmers and my mother is a housewife. I have total 18 acres of land and I follow the paddy and wheat cycle on 16 acres of land and rest 2 acres are used for the fodder for the cattle. For wheat we use 2967 and 3086 varieties. Besides farming, I am also into dairy farming and I have 5 buffalos, 3 cows, 2 goats and 5 calves. The breed of goats that I have is Beetel. We have all the modern agricultural implements such as 5911 Tractor, Ripper, Rotavator, Leveler and Hand Ridge Maker. We use both organic and non-organic pesticides but this time we used more organic manure and it has given us good results. We sell our produce in the Saido Ke mandi only. I have diversified by trying to grow potatoes, but the result was not good and will try again next year.



I Have 18 Acres of Land.

Crops Grown

I Grow Wheat, Paddy and Fodder


I Own a Tractor 5911, Ripper, Rotavator, Leveler and Hand Ridge Maker.


I Have 5 Buffaloes, 3 Cows, 2 Goats and 5 Calves.

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Future Plans

I want to take up goat farming on a large scale in the near future. We used organic manure this year in large quantities and with the good results that we got, I will increase the use of organic pesticides and manure in crops. In the next potato growing season, I will again try to grow potatoes. I feel that agriculture is a rewarding field, if one gains full knowledge of farming and other latest skills needed for farming.


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